The new laser labelling system

Individual and abrasion-proof laser labelling for metal and plastic label plates, with the new mp-LM 1 series laser labelling systems from Murrplastik.

Murrplastik introduces the mp-LM series, a system that allows you to realise abrasion-proof quality labelling on a wide variety of base materials. The labelling systems can be controlled and operated precisely by utilising the tried and proven ACS software on a PC connected via USB port or Ethernet. The optical density of the labelling can be adapted to your requirements with speed settings and the number of repetitions.

The low initial cost, plus minimal operating and lifecycle costs, makes the mp-LM series the perfect labelling system for medium-sized companies with medium to high label volumes and quality marking requirements. The mp-LM devices are able to automatically inscribe label plates for leads, cables, terminals, control panels and signalling equipment, switchgear, media devices and much more.


Magazining and inscriptions of labels

The flexible automated processes of the mp-PM series are suitable for the various Murrplastik materials; they are the highlight of this inexpensive laser labelling system. The PC / PP materials are stacked directly into the input shaft. Aluminium, stainless steel and laser foil materials are fed into the magazine via a special carrier plate.

Should there be more than one label type required for a print job, the respective number will be ensured with dividing plates at the type change. The output of the completed labelled material will be in loose stacks into removable receiving containers, which can also be replaced by company-specific storage system boxes.